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How Supplement 4 Care Works

supplement4care.com is a product review website which aims to introduce some much-needed honesty and transparency to the world of online reviews.

At Supplement 4 Care.com, visitors will find detailed reviews of popular products currently available online. Those products come from categories like nutritional supplements, financial products, and online business ideas.

Unfortunately, these categories traditionally have more scams than other product categories. That’s why it’s so important to find a good source of unbiased online reviews.

Who Are We?

Supplement 4 Care aims to help customers differentiate between legitimate products and scams by providing intelligent, well-written reviews from real customers.

More importantly, Supplement 4 Care does this without being biased or favorable towards any products or companies. In fact, Supplement 4 Care doesn’t currently accept affiliate income from any company in exchange for favorable reviews – instead, it makes its money exclusively from AdSense revenue.

All of these traits have made Supplement 4 Care one of the best online sources for unbiased reviews.

Consumers Are More Likely To Leave A Negative Review Than A Positive Review

One of the key concepts behind Supplement 4 Care was that consumers are more likely to leave a negative review online than a positive review.

This skews reviews for virtually every product in the world. When people buy a product, and that product works exactly as they expected it to work, most people won’t leave a review.

But if people purchase a product and it doesn’t work, or there’s some minor problem with the product, they’re tempted to leave a negative review.

What some consumers see as “water under the bridge” may be a major issue for other consumers. As a result, even the best products have reviews which range from “Best product ever” to “Worst product I’ve ever purchased.”

This makes it difficult to distinguish the good products form the bad ones. Supplement 4 Care was founded on the principle of publishing all reviews – good and bad – about a particular product.

Transparency Is Key

Supplement 4 Care is possibly the most transparent review website on the internet today. In fact, Supplement 4 Care published a lengthy article explaining how the site works because it wanted to:

1) Provide complete transparency for “hundreds of thousands of monthly readers”

2) Give readers an in-depth perspective into how Supplement 4 Care operate

Ultimately, these two mission statements build trust between Supplement 4 Care and its audience. Trust is one of the rarest qualities to find on the internet today, but at Supplement 4 Care, the site aims to slowly build trust with all readers.

How Does Supplement4care.com Make Money?

Of course, very few websites on the internet exist as charities. People don’t just invest thousands of dollars and countless hours into a website because they want to help people on the internet.

There’s always something to be given and taken in return.

Supplement 4 Care does make money – and it makes quite a bit of it. When Supplement 4 Care was originally launched, it made this money through affiliate income.

Supplement 4 Care would promote certain products and link visitors to sales pages for those products. When someone purchased the product, Supplement 4 Care received a cut of the sale. Supplement 4 Care, unlike many other affiliate income sites, only reviewed products which met the following requirements:

— Products that were actually used by staff at Supplement 4 Care

— Products that genuinely served those interested in a particular niche

— Products that were 100% legitimate and useful for the target audience.

However, as Supplement 4 Care started to grow, the creators of the site realized that this demonstrated a conflict of interest. Even though the products had to meet strict requirements, this wasn’t a system on which to build a legitimate review business. There were too many competing interests and the possible for bias was too high.

As a result, Supplement 4 Care decided to switch exclusively to AdSense income. If you’re unfamiliar with AdSense, here’s how it works:

— Website owners paste AdSense code onto their sites

— This AdSense code delivers advertisements based on contextual information on the page as well as the user’s search history and other personal information Google knows about the user

— The website owner gets paid for every click that advertisement receives. Clicks range in value from 2 cents per click to $20, depending on the advertisement

So if you’re reading a review for a protein supplement on Supplement 4 Care, you might see AdSense advertisements for cheap protein supplements in your area. This is how Google makes over $30 billion in revenue every year.

Ultimately, Supplement 4 Care doesn’t accept money from any companies (although it claims to get numerous offers every year). Instead, the website is supported solely by AdSense revenue, which means there are no conflicts of interest.

Does Supplement 4 Care Personally Test Each And Every Product?

There are millions of products available on the internet today. Understandably, the main goal of Supplement 4 Care was never to test every product featured on the site.

Instead, the main goal was to collect information about these products from a diverse range of sources. That information includes reviews from legitimate users, information from independent testing, and data from the product’s official website or manufacturer.

Supplement 4 Care uses all of this information to paint a complete picture of each product.

It’s important to note that many of the products seen on Supplement 4 Care are of the “As Seen On TV” variety. They include nutritional supplements, diet pills, weight loss programs, and work-from-home opportunities. Unfortunately, these niches are more prone to scams than other product niches.

One of the main goals of Supplement 4 Care is to identify scams before consumers are negatively affected. This includes identifying problems related to billing, unauthorized charges, autoship programs, and customer service issues, along with problems with the products themselves.

That being said, many of the products featured on Supplement 4 Care have been tested personally by Supplement 4 Care staff over the years. However, you cannot assume every product on Supplement 4 Care has gone through complete individual testing by Supplement 4 Care staff members.

Supplement 4 Care calls its review system “strategic observation”. By drawing information from a number of authoritative sources, Supplement 4 Care can provide a more detailed review of the product than they could be using one reviewer’s experience.

Can You Trust Supplement 4 Care Reviews?

I’m not going to sit here and tell you whether or not you can trust the reviews posted on Supplement 4 Care: I’ll let you decide that on your own based on the information listed above.

Ultimately, Supplement 4 Care believes that every customer deserves to have their opinion heard about a product – whether that’s a negative or positive opinion. In today’s online world, too many legitimate reviews are drowned out by companies in order to target competitors or enhance the reputation of their own products.

That’s a serious problem – and it’s a serious problem that Supplement 4 Care wants to solve. Still not sure whether or not to trust Supplement 4 Care? Here are some promises that Supplement 4 Care makes to its visitors:

— Supplement 4 Care will never skew a product’s reviews one way or another, like by posting mostly positive or negative reviews

— Supplement 4 Care will never accept any form of payment from a company in order to remove legitimate reviews

– Supplement 4 Care’s specially-trained staff will diligently monitor all customer reviews posted online to make sure everything posted on the site is legitimate

— Every review posted on Supplement 4 Care passes a “pre-check” which uses secret qualifiers to separate legitimate reviews from scam reviews. Supplement 4 Care keeps these qualifiers secret to prevent them from being compromised and taken advantage of.

Together, these promises help make Supplement 4 Care one of the most reputable review websites on the internet today. In an online world where fake reviews are the norm, Supplement 4 Care is a refreshing change from the norm.

Why Do Some Products Have More Negative Reviews Than Positive Ones?

Supplement 4 Care recently released statistics on the number of different reviews published on the site. Across the entire site, here’s how the reviews break down:

— 1 Star: 68%

— 2 Star: 6%

— 3 Star: 3%

— 4 Star: 6%

— 5-Star: 17%

As mentioned at the very top of this article, consumers are more likely going to leave a negative review of a product if they’re going to leave any review at all.

Of course, not all products have more negative reviews than positive ones. 17% of all reviews posted on Supplement 4 Care are 5 star reviews from happy customers.

How To Read And Understand Supplement 4 Care Reviews

Here’s how to read and understand reviews posted on Supplement 4 Care:

— First, read through the Supplement 4 Care write-up, which provides a general summary of the pros, cons, and value of the product

— Then, scan through the reviews, including any negative and positive reviews you find, to get some facts about the product up front

— Don’t forget that one positive review doesn’t instantly mean a product is awesome, nor does one negative review instantly mean a product is awful. Everybody’s different, and your experience with different products will vary. A problem that would be water under the bridge to you could be considered a major flaw by someone else.

— Scan multiple Supplement 4 Care reviews to see if you can identify different trends. Consider expanding your search to other review websites to see if you can make any general assumptions about certain products.

Supplement 4 Care Makes Two Promises To Readers

Ultimately, Supplement 4 Care’s review philosophy can be boiled down to two central questions. Supplement 4 Care asks itself each of these questions before publishing their reviews:

1) Will the information benefit our readers?

2) Will the information answer readers’ questions, arm them with the information they need, and help them make an informed decision?

If a particular review doesn’t meet those two requirements, it’s not published on Supplement 4 Care. In a broader sense, the entire product page on Supplement 4 Care must also meet those two above requirements.

These promises have consistently helped Supplement 4 Care maintain its status as one of the most trustworthy websites on the internet today.


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